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Trees Varieties to Spot & Remove

For every tree species who extol the benefits of, there’s one worth removing. There are a number of weed/trouble species that are still found here and there despite being officially cited as ‘pests’. Listed below are just a few of the tree varieties that should be removed seeing as they aren’t worth the trouble of maintaining on your property:

Weeping willow: The roots of this tree have a habit of spreading and encroaching upon anything in their path. When you add this to the tree’s persistent capacity for growth, the species can be considerably unmanageable. Seeing as not all councils have listed this species as a pest, you might still encounter it in your area.

Camphor laurel: This species of tree grows up to 18 metres (60’) high and nine metres (30’) wide. The Camphor self-seeds readily and has become a serious weed in the more tropical regions of Queensland – it overtakes areas, crowding and destroying other forms of plant life. Some have in the past planted this species for aesthetic reasons, not realising its abundant and problematic growth potential.

Bog sage: As with the other varieties on this list, the Bog sage’s main issue is its growth potential. While it has some rather attractive sky blue flowers during summer, when in good soil its root system reaches far and wide spreading new shoots.

Liquidambar: This large and beautiful species continues to loom in some areas of the state. The Liquidambar grows fast and reaches upwards of 25m in height and has a canopy around 12m wide. This is also the reason why this variety is so problematic – the Liquidambar has an aggressive root system which leaches nutrients from other trees and plants.

If you believe that one of these varieties is on your property, contact your local council or us. For more information on trees to avoid or tree removal in Brisbane and surrounding areas, feel free to talk to a K&S team member today.

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