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Trees for Queensland Properties

There are fruit trees, flowering trees, shade trees and then there are just trees that can suit anyone’s tastes. If your yard is generally looking a little barren or is lacking shade, the following tree varieties are amongst the most versatile options available in Queensland:

Schizolobium: Sounds a little strange doesn’t it? Unfortunately, there is no normal or easy-to-pronounce name for the classic Schizolobium. While the basic canopy of the species isn’t all too large, it’s leaves are amongst some of the biggest in the world – growing up to 2m long. This means you will get plenty of shade and even a nice fan to use during the warmer months.

Black bean tree: The black bean tree or Moreton Bay chestnut is a shade option that provides some great added benefits. This flowering variety of tree is great for anyone looking to add colour to their yard – the flowers of this species are a rather vivid red and yellow. This is also a great species for bird lovers, with the likes of rainbow lorikeets flocking to the bright and sweet flowers.

Cock’s comb coral tree: Not all of us are looking for something large or substantial – sometimes a small tree is all that’s needed. This smaller tree variety is commonly likened to shrubs and acts as something more decorative or as an added part a natural property divider, though to really maintain this size, you will need to carefully prune the branches around the back.

For help with any of these tree varieties, the team at K&S are always on hand to provide expert advice and quality tree services.

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