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Tree Removal

Our tree management services take care of your tree and stump removal needs – We can cut down any tree with great care to avoid damage with our reliable tree management services and experienced tree surgeons.


Sick of the kids climbing the tree? Remove the tree, keep the kids.

Is that pesky tree getting you down? If that tree is looking unsafe, is causing problems or is in the way, K&S Trees offer services to cut trees down. Removing trees can be unsafe and damaging to the environment if you do not get professional tree management services to complete the job. We know exactly how to cut the tree and remove the heavy limbs in a safe manner and our qualified tree climbers can get up any tree to effectively remove it.

Our tree management services can also help you with any council permits if required. View our Tree Inspection services page to find out more about identifying which trees can or cannot be removed. We service land developers, residential and institutional customers looking to clear land, cut trees down, carry out stump removal or remove green or brown waste.

Tree removals Brisbane

The tree experts at K&S Trees are experienced and qualified and can cut the tree in the right places to bring it down without creating unnecessary damage to the surrounding environment. Whether your tree is in a tricky situation with poor access or it is a large tree (including palm trees) in the middle of a garden bed, our careful tree removal services can cut the tree correctly and remove it efficiently.

Our tree removal service is encouraging new growth in the area with a gift for all clients. Whenever our tree management services cut down a tree, you have the option of getting us to dispose of everything, keeping the subsequent mulch for yourself, or gifting small packages of mulch and seeds to neighbours of your choice for free! A one-of-a-kind offer from a truly unqique Brisbane tree removal company.

Brisbane – Tree Removal Application Process

Brisbane City Council – Tree Management

Tree stump removal

Stumps are unattractive and pose a potential tripping hazard. Not to mention having to mow around them! Our tree services can remove your tree stumps by grinding them back to ground level. Reclaim hold on your backyard with our effective stump removal services. Whenever we conduct tree management services in cutting down trees, we can also remove the remaining stump so you are left with clear land.

Land clearing

Our tree management services extend to land clearing where we can remove trees from a larger area ready for you to create a different garden or build whatever you have in mind. Your yard is yours to create your own oasis, whether that means planting a new garden of pansies or if it means building your own shed to retreat to in the afternoons that your kids have trumpet practice. Get the K&S Trees tree removal team in Brisbane to clear your land for you ready for your project!

If you would like us to remove your tree, or to discuss our tree management services, call us on 1300 722 055. Fill out our Online Estimate form to find out how much your tree management services will cost.

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