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Tree Maintenance

Our specialist tree surgeons cut your trees with care to promotoe healthy growth while cleaning your yard.


Sick of hitting your head on that branch? Call us on 1300 722 055 to get it removed. We can cut your tree branches, complete tree pruning, clear your yard after storms, clean palm trees and advise you on effective tree care procedures.

We all have that inconvenient tree that drops leaves in the pool, has branches threatening the fence or a hedge that gets just that little bit too big. If you want your inconvenient tree looked after, K&S Trees can help you with tree services including tree pruning, tree care and tree cleaning. We perform ongoing or casual (once off) maintenance services with a focus on safety precautions to minimise storm damage while maintaining aesthetic appeal with tree pruning and tree care.

Servicing commercial, institutional and residential customers, we can make your garden look clean and tidy and perform tree pruning in compliance with all tree trimming laws. We also clear away all fallen branches and trees after storms.

Hedge and tree pruning / cutting trees

The advantage of getting certified arborists to complete your tree pruning is that we know how to cut the tree without causing any damage to the tree’s health. We can get rid of those branches that keep filling your gutters with leaves or may potentially fall from a gust of wind, while abiding by all tree trimming laws. We can also convince hedges to grow the way you want with a little chainsaw encouragement or stimulation with pruners. Our tree pruning services can tidy up your trees and hedges by cutting the tree back to a good size and getting rid of the pesky branches. We are experienced in tree care services and strive to give your tree the care it deserves while getting your property the way it should be.

Palm cleaning

Palms are a great addition to any garden, giving a tropical feel to the property. They are also incredibly messy. Berries and seed pods are dropped constantly and dead fronds can be difficult to pull off. Your palm tree can look good again with K&S Trees’ careful removal of fronds, seed pods, berries, flowers, butts and spades. Enjoy your tropical setting without the mess.

Tree root grinding

Are you sick of having to mow around that tree root, or stubbing your toe when you’re not paying attention? If you have tree roots that are raised or obstructing any structures, K&S Trees can remove them or grind them back to a safe level.

Don’t let roots mess up your footpath or allow people to trip over them – utilise this reliable tree service and get rid of your roots properly.

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