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Tree Inspections

We can advise you on any tree trimming laws and correct tree management procedures – Organise a free tree service from our expert tree surgeons for your school, home or commercial property today!


Have you got a tree that you aren’t so sure about? Maybe it looks a little brittle, or you want to clear the land but you’re unsure if council will let you cut down such a big tree. Schools and public areas as well as residential properties can now get free tree management inspections to ensure safety and optimal tree health. Our qualified tree experts can come to your address to asses all trees to determine tree health and report on trees that may have loose or weak branches, and can help you get permission for tree removal or pruning from councils.

Determining if trees can legally be removed

There is a lot of confusion regarding whether trees can or cannot be removed and what the tree trimming laws say about cutting down that pesky branch. K&S Trees are Brisbane’s tree removal experts and can devise a report for any tree. You’d be surprised at what you actually can remove and how the tree trimming laws may or may not affect you. Our tree experts can come to your property, and inform you of all local regulations and tree trimming laws. We can develop a report for your tree and help you apply for the tree to be removed if necessary. All this at no cost!

Ensure safety of trees and branches

If the kids love to swing on that branch, it might be a good idea to make sure it isn’t likely to give in to gravity any time soon! Our tree experts visit residential, commercial and school properties performing this essential tree service without any cost to you and can report on your tree’s safety and advise you on relative tree trimming laws. We care about tree management and nature, but we also care about the community and keeping everyone safe. If the tree requires any management services, we will inform you so you have time to make a decision. Call us on 1300 722 055 to ensure your property is safe from falling trees or branches!

Tree tagging

After any of our tree management services by our tree experts, we tag the tree so you know when it should be checked next. This is purely to ensure the tree is safe and to give you peace of mind that the tree experts have checked the tree. Getting regular reports on your tree can decrease the chances of weak branches falling down or the whole tree blowing over during the next storm. Tree tagging is ideal for schools and public areas where there are many people around. The tags remind you to get a report for the tree and when maintenance or a tree removal service is due to avoid injury or damage.

Find out if you can remove that tree from your property. You can discuss any queries with a qualified tree surgeon over the phone or during your inspection. Simply fill out our enquiry form on the left or call 1300 722 055.

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