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Mulch and Firewood Registry

K&S Trees deliver tree mulch and firewood throughout South East Queensland regularly, so you can get the best tree mulches delivered on a regular basis and get firewood in the colder months.


Tree Mulch

We all love our plants. Looking after them can take a bit of work including maintaining tidy garden beds and keeping the plants watered. With tree mulch from K&S Trees you can add life to your gardens and retain water for your plants while getting a naturally aesthetic appeal that will last longer. We remove trees and branches daily as part of our regular services, so we mulch it ourselves to offer the best mulches available.

To encourage environmental growth within the community, we deliver our fresh tree mulch directly to your address. One tree may be removed, but many more can thrive thanks to the best mulches being delivered as often as you want.

Our tree mulches are made from natural woods and are 100% organic, so it looks better for longer and retains more water than processed mulches from hardware stores.


Winter can be harsh and the cold temperatures often make our houses feel like igloos. When the weather cools down, a classic way to warm up is to use a fireplace. You can cosy up near the fire, enjoying the warmth while the weather wreaks havoc outside. We offer firewood throughout the cooler months to keep families and individuals warm. Using the right firewood can help the fire to burn hotter for longer, giving you more warmth in your house. Sign up for your firewood delivery today to get fresh wood delivered to your address!

Call K&S Trees on 1300 722 055 to sign up for the best tree mulches or firewood today.

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