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Gift to Neighbours

Tree services completed by our experts often result in leftover tree mulch, available for you to keep or give to your neighbours.


After your tree or stump removal service is complete, you can choose to gift your neighbours with a tree mulch package to encourage environmental growth and to let them know that tree or branch is gone!

Has your neighbour been complaining about your tree? Gift them with their own tree mulch package to let them know it’s gone!

Here at K&S Trees we are passionate about communities and future environmental growth. As part of our commitment to communities and the environment, we offer all clients the opportunity to gift their neighbours with a free bag of mulch. This initiative brings communities closer and simulates environmental growth.

Whenever a tree or large branch is removed as part of our regular tree services, it is turned into tree mulch. You can then choose if you would like to send a gift package of tree mulch and accompanying seed provided by a local nursery to your neighbours. This means that while one tree may be gone, many more can be grown because of it!

Our tree mulch gift is packaged in a ‘gift bag’ and left at the doors of your chosen neighbours. Worried they may not appreciate it? The tree mulch package is sized to be easily disposed of should your neighbours choose to do so. Promote environmental growth in your community at no additional cost by gifting organic tree mulch!

If some of your neighbours could do with some mulch, or if you would like to thank them for putting up with your pesky tree, gift them with tree mulch after any of our tree removal services.

Get our tree experts to complete any tree service to remove a tree or branch and gift your neighbours with tree mulch! Call us today on 1300 722 055.

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