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Professional Tree Care

Tree maintenance is essential for anyone whose property is home to any flourishing tree varieties. And while some might choose to save money by attempting care and maintenance themselves, there are few good reasons to at least consider talking to a professional tree surgeon:

For the Tree: The improper removal of branches can have a considerable negative impact on the growth and development of a tree. Professionals take the time to carefully assess what approach is needed to get the job done without impeding the look or health of the tree.

For Your Property: A professional tree lopper will be able to prune any tree or trees around your house without causing damage.

For Your Safety: In light of the tools, heights and level of debris that can be involved in pruning, it is advisable that you avoid doing so yourself.

Remember, when you need to prune or remove a tree, ask a specialist to assess whether the tree species is a) protected and b) valid for a council protected vegetation permit. Your specialist will also help with the disposal of the tree and any branches.

For more information on professional tree maintenance, the team at K&S are always on hand to provide expert advice and quality tree services.

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