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Tree Removal Application Process

Tree removal service: an eventual necessity for homeowners which becomes unnecessarily complicated the moment the city council becomes involved. We’ve told you before about how to apply and when you don’t specifically need a permit but never about how the actual application process works.

So, how does it work? When it comes to tree removal or pruning, the standard city council process goes as follows:

1. Request and/or survey

2. Recommendation (objection or re-survey)

3. Decision and notification

4. Action

5. Record Keeping

Sometimes this process can be quick and other times rather lengthy. Complications will mostly arise if the tree is protected or if the reasoning behind the proposed removal is unclear. This is why you need to approach the request and application processes carefully, armed with every piece of information they might need to make the decision quickly and fairly.

It should however be noted that regardless of how long it takes, it is possible to be rejected based on tree variety amongst other things – another reason why you should get as much information as you can from your chosen tree specialists.

For more information on the process, visit your local council’s website:

Gold Coast / Sunshine Coast / Ipswich / Brisbane

Or you can talk an expert tree surgeon from K&S. We are always on hand to provide expert services and advice.

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